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If deep cut on palm can I use urgo skin cracks? Or..What can I do?

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Rajive Goel 30 Aug 2010

Urgo skin crack creams are usually meant to be applied upon dry skin of the feet & mainly the ankles, it is recommended to call the pharmacist or see a doc for emergency, take care.

Inactive 30 Aug 2010

Make sure to properly cleanse the area with the deep cut, sterilize it with hydrogen peroxide. Dry it with a sterile cloth or paper towel, apply anti biotic cream or ointment and as many bandages as you need to stop bleeding and keep it closed. Check it for signs of infection several times a day, signs would include redness or red line running from cut, pain getting worse near cut, fever, and pus. If you see any of these, immediately go to a doctor or emergency room and have it treated. Make sure you re apply the peroxide, clean bandages and anti biotic cream or ointment at least twice a day. If you can not get it to stop bleeding or stay closed, go to doctor or er for stitches. Keep it covered with bandage until it is closed for good and try to do as little with that hand as possible until healed.

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

See your doctor please dont ever experiment on yourself. free discount card

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