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If cymbalta helps with anxiety why I have heard it can make it worse?

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BOBBY1970 15 Jan 2010

Dear Friend:

The best person you can rely on is your personal mental doctor; here we are only your support group, we can share personal experiences with you, BUT none of us is a certified mental doctor, so we are Not qualified to give you any final answer, Just use our experiences as simple references, BUT not your final answer, the final answer is Only from your mental doctor. Good luck !


mitjason 15 Jan 2010

I agree with bobby. Always consult your doctor. You can talk to your doctor about some of the things mentioned here but your doctor is your lifeline, not this website. From my experience many antidepressants are used for anxiety. It's usually the first step in trying to treat anxiety. However one of the side effects of Cymbalta is Anxiety. If that's the case I would recommend Psychotherapy. They can help you with different techniques on how to deal with anxiety along with what causes it and how to change the way you think to prevent it. The next option I would recommend talking with your doctor about are benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Klonopin, Diazepam, etc.. The drugs along don't cause addiction but the dependence that the drugs can cause can make people take these prescriptions not as prescribed and lead to addiction. If taken as directed you should be fine. Try one or the other.

itsmetoo2 15 Jan 2010

I agree with mitjason.
One thing you must realize with drugs, is that we only know 10% of what a drug can do. There are many variables. The greatest of all is, everyone is unique and that is why the use of a drug for one person can do one thing and for another person another thing.

jdoggt 19 Jan 2010

well its different with different people, in test they found that it helped with anxiety in some but in some it made it worse..i forget the percentages but its a low percentage that it will make it worse..good luck free discount card

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