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If a person is allergic to morphine, is he/she also allergic to Dilaudid?

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mpvt 27 Apr 2010

not necessarily, morphine(opiate)is a direct derivative from opium were dilaudid (Hydromorphone) is a semi synthetic(opioid). It is still a derivative of morphine though. Some people can take opioids but not opiates so you could try it at a low dose and see what happens... Good luck... Dave

simbajb 27 Apr 2010

I just spoke w/my daughter, who is recently graduated from Nursing school. She said they had pts who were allergic to morphine so were given dilaudid as a sub; so we'll see how it goes...
thanks for the input, Dave!

marjorie zych 29 Apr 2010

I am highly allergic to mophine, anaphylatic shock allergic. I can take dilaudid in low doses. I would advise taking under direct doctor supervision and don't take your first dose when your alone just in case. You might be o.k. but be careful, please. free discount card

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