My friend's 12yr old has awful body odor daily. She is a clean child and it's not caused due to extra activities, it's normal for her. My friend told me her Dr. said this was caused from her daughter using deodorant at a early age. My 6yr old son has used and would like to use deodorant daily, but I stopped his use in fear it will cause him premature body odor that is much stronger than average. My friend said that my son will also have the same problem as her daughter, even though he has stopped using deodorant because of him already have using deodorant. My son doesn't have any problem's with body odor because of it now and I think this would affect different people in different way's considering we each have our own different chemical balances. Will the fact of him using deodorant already for sure cause premature or worser body odor if he had not used it? If so is there anything I can to do to make the situation better? My son still want's to use deodorant if he should not use it now, when is the best time to allow him to start again?