We have a prescription for Sulfamethoxazole-TMP SS tablet qty 15, dated 9/23/2010 - a Thursday. The directions state, "Take 1 and 1/2 by mouth twice a day with water. Wednesday morning, the 27th he took his last dose.This was for MRSA in the cudicals of a finger. On Thursday at 7:30 a call came from another caregiver saying he has a 103 fever and a soar throat, because he has step-throat.

After being on such a strong antibiotic could the child be susceptible to another bacteria on 9/28 a day after he finished the Bactrim?

The child has been taken to the family physician but I have not been informed and wanted to learn more about this. As it is my understanding that the antibiotic stays in your system for a few days after finishing the dosage. It doesn't make sense to me with what I understand and that isn't much in this area.