... years old with kidney problems, heart and lung problems, diabetes, high chloresterol, hypo-thyroid, and dementia. 16 yeas ago she was checked for low platelets and the dr decided then to leave everything alone. Her platelet count was 73 in Nov 2015 and plummeted to 5 after a fall. She was in the hospital and put on prednisone 60 mg a day. After 5 days she came up to 28 and was released back to the assisted living home where she lives. She tumbled forward out of her low chair while taking off he shoes 3 days after just getting back home and caused another bleed, count back down to 10. GP has sent her to a hematologist who upped her prednisone to 80mg a day and wants to infuse her with Octagam in 1 week. The risks seems really high for bad things to happen to her. I want to keep her on the prednisone to get her count up, getting her a hospital bed so she won't ge up at night on her own, and keep her in a recliner during the day. The caregiver is really good about walking with her and her walker when she does need to get around. Any advice?