About 2 weeks ago, I lost my job. Because of a money issue, I've had to stop my use of marijuana. I've been smoking marijuana for about 5-6 years, on and off. I've been through 4 years of drug abuse classes, so I understand what problems might occur. Since around a month ago, I've noticed that I am becoming quite fidgety, anxious, and I pace around a lot for no reason that I can think of. For the past 2 weeks, since I lost my job, I have not been able to sleep. I have tried Melatonin and other ways, such as listening to music before bed and going to sleep earlier, but none have succeeded. I tried taking 10mg of Melatonin 15 minutes before bed, only to find myself waking up 2 hours later in a sweaty bed. I've had problems sleeping before, but nothing like this... I've done some research and concluded that I now have insomnia. I've also concluded that insomnia is sometimes a symptom of Anxiety or stress. I've read about 4 different types of Anxiety but I cannot figure it out. I am also a cigarette smoker if that helps. Thank you.

If more or different information is needed, let me know.