Ive been takin methadone for a couple months to help with oxy withdrawls and its only been a little bit that id take either once ina while, or a sip everyday, only for a couple months rememeber.. and recently i jus wanted to stop taking it, but now feel wierd n all sore lazy n get the sweats... im worried because i was just gettin some methadne off a friend and i dnt want to take it anymore but feel like this when i dnt even have a sip in me.. i know im not heavy into it AT ALL, but i already feel these symptoms of a person thats been on it for years I THINK anyways... does anyone have any advice or answers to why i feel this shitty jus from takin it for a couple months? and ways i can help with the symptoms AT HOME?? and how long it will take to stop feeling this way??? id really appricitate it.. noone else in my life knows about this, so thats why ive turned to askin anyone on here that has some ideas or answers for me :) agian, id really appriciate anyone who can help me... :) thanks..