I have been on Suboxone for 2 years and have gain 90 lbs. I started the Medifast Diet 3 months ago along with my husband and while he lost 45 lbs already, I only lost 26 lbs. I'm so upset over this because I eat alot less then he does and I never had a problem losing weight before. I know some of the weight gain is from the swelling, but I can't figure out how to stop it. I'm taking a water pill which helps, but doesn't take it away completely. The swelling is severe, you can't see my ankles anymore, I have to buy 1 size larger shoe to fit, my legs look like I have elephantitis and is painful. My husband wants me to get off the Suboxone, he says it's poisoning me. Even though I know I need to get off them as well, the fear I have about it is incredible. I'm not sure why I have so much fear, but I know I need to if it's causing all these side effects. Does anyone have the same problem or any suggestions?