my now ex bf. was/is highly addicted to ice, after many years & many benders never raised a hand to me. After a week on the gear, which was not unusual, same gear that he would normally use. he became more agitated then usual, alot less patient, typical come down symptoms x 10.
after an argument which was placid compared to previous ones. he flippped it, told me he was leaving, i finally had enough and had my own snapping point to let him leave. i threw his jewellery & small personal belongings of importance to him. told him if he was leaving, he was doing it properly & not come back. as i tossed the jewellery hitting him - he just snapped & spun around & punched me in the face & left me on the ground bleeding. this was the end of your 4 year relationship.
he has never been aggressive or violent.
this time was no different to every other time.

Has the drug just affected him & this was the snapping point???
Was is just a fuse that ran out... he had been a regular user for almost 10 years.

why the suddent violent change???

to all those concerned, i no longer have contact & he has been formally charged.

honest & sincere answers please.