I have been starting a new job. I have had IBS for years. Usually I know what I can and can't eat. But i got a promotion from dock worker to truck driver. For the last year I worked 2-midnight. Being able to sleep in every day, and not have to worry about using the bathroom somewhere strange. But now I'm becoming a driver, and the last 3 weeks I have been in training. And I have had really bad bowel problems the last 3 weeks. Usually waking me up from my sleep to go use the bathroom. And then I get constant lower abdominal cramping, especially bad before I have to work early or train with a new trainer. I have been very stressed lately and been having all these problems. How can I controll all this? It's really effecting my
Life outside work. Like today. I have 1 day off and tomorrow starts a 6 days week of driving (home every day). But it's a new route and trainer and I'm nervous but I have had this cramp in my lower abdomen like I have to go to the bathroom but can't.

I take Digestive Advantage Intenstive bowel
Support, and a Max Gas-x every day. Is there anything I can do to relief this? Does this all sound like its pain caused by stress and anxiety and my IBS? Please help. Thank you.