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Iam taking topamax for 6months now when and how to stop the drug?

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Inactive 18 Jan 2011

When to stop should be decided between you and your doc. Together you can discuss if the Topamax is still the right choice for you. When I stopped taking Topamax I consulted my doc. and he wrote down exactly how to taper off of it. It took 3 weeks but I didn't have any adverse side effects.
Good luck! :-)

Inactive 18 Jan 2011

I agree with mel on this. Can you add more info, as in why you were prescribed Topamax, and what side effects you had, if any.
And why you want off of it?
I took it for a few weeks for Fibromyalgia, but too many side effects like weight loss.
Best wishes,

caringsonbj 18 Jan 2011

Mel Amber is right how quick you discontinue the dose is and should be a partnership between you and your doctor it is an anticonvulsant drug it is noted that if you reduce it too quick then you can have problems but my question how quick is too quick for one person it might work at a designated date and the next might take longer so just to be safe please talk with him or his office let us know how things are going free discount card

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