... been on this meds. Everything I am on is proscribed by the same dr.or couple drs. They know what meds I am on because I always give them a paper with all my meds listed. I am on: fluoxetine, isosorbide, amitriptyline,metoclopramide,metoprolol, simastatin,k-dur,lasix, levothroid , plavix,risperidone as well as lantas and aspirin multivitam, centrum silver w/vit.d, high potency b complex and chromium picolite I am 58 yrs. old ,female and have diabetics as well as having had a heart attack last nov. and I have also had the gastric bypass surg. (runy type of gastric bypass) I also lost my entire right breast to cancer 10 years ago. I am still having problems with my bypass so anyone that wants to chat with me about it give me a yell! Thanks so much ! By the way I put all my meds into the interaction part of Drugs .com and there are so many reactions I can't figure out how to take them without reactions !! Please help me !! ==Wanda fr. NC==