I am a 53-year-old female with severe scoliosis which I was born with. I was always told when I was in my 20s that as I aged that I might start having trouble with my back and doctors were really astounded that I had no back problems then. Well, after I turned 45, I started having back problems and discussed with my MD. First he started me on Vicodin, which did very little to help with my pain, then finally started me on Percocet 5/325. Well, this helped a little but still as I got a little older, it too stopped working. He was not amenable to taking me to anything stronger so he sent me to a back doctor for a MRI to see how advanced the scoliosis was. The doctor showed myself and my husband my MRI and stated it was one of the worse cases of scoliosis he had seen for someone my age and wondered how I even managed to hold down a job, especially one where I sit and type medical reports all day long. He said my scoliosis was not operative at this point so he recommended that I be sent to a pain management specialist and my family doctor set this up. Well, I have been seeing this pain management clinic for about two years now and the doctor started me immediately on Opana ER at first 10 mg twice daily then moved it up to Opana ER 20 mg daily along with Percocet 10/325 for breakthrough pain. The Opana was a Godsend and helped very much. But now I am starting to ache even worse and think it is time for a medication change, because the Perc 10s no longer seem to help my breakthrough pain at all. The Opana ER still helps some but not like it use to. I see my pain management doctor in early May and would like to ask him for something else for the breakthrough pain, and I was thinking since the Opana ER worked pretty good that maybe Opana IR would help me more with my breakthrough pain.

So my question is does anyone think it would be too presumptious of me to ask for this by name, being as how doctors are now so guarded about giving out any type of pain medications or should I just go with it and tell him that since the Opana ER has helped so much, could we please try the Opana IR for breakthrough or bump up the Opana ER to a higher dose? Any advice would truly be appreciated.

Thanks everyone for listening and look forward to conversing with this group in the future.