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I would like to know if anyone has experienced hearing loss with Metolozone (Zaroxolyn)?

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suzanne66 14 Sep 2009

You will find a comprehensive and accurate list of side-effects for Metolazine here:

I could find no reference to hearing loss.

dudeguy 11 Oct 2009

I was looking up the same thing for my neighbor. He was wondering the same thing so I can just compare what he has told me.
He started it last year and said sometime within the year started having problems hearing. He told me it feels more like a blocking like wax build up but the doctor said no and it as old age saying he needs a hearing aid. He also says there is some kind of clicking sound and recently it's not a low sound but more of a distortion of sounds.
If his hearing was going I don't think he'd be so sensitive to loud restaurants but he is.
Any similarities?

Oswego Lady 11 Oct 2009

I took Lasix (a loop diuretic) first for about a year. I found I was had a loss of hearing during that year so I started to research the medication. The Mayo Clinic found that loop diuretics do cause hearing loss. I changed to Metalazone (a thiazide diuretic) and I'm not sure if my hearing is worse but I didn't regain any of the loss. I really feel that all diuretics can cause hearing loss but can't find proof. It seems all medications have some kind of side effect :-(

dudeguy 13 Oct 2009

From what I've looked up, I also found loop diuretics known to be associated with hearing difficulty. Metolazone is a thiazide-like diuretic. It apparently acts similar but lacks the benzothiadiazine molecular structure common to thiazide diuretics. However because of this as far as molecular structure goes, it actually resembles furosemide in my perspective which is a loop diuretic that is tied with hearing difficulty.
I did find some warnings of hearing difficulty with metolazone.
So it must be at least some what related.
Plus, if the medications are for similar uses the maybe hearing loss is associated with the way the drug functions. I think it is possible for it to cause hearing loss or difficulty.

Oswego Lady 14 Oct 2009

Where did you find side effects of hearing loss for Metolazone? I need to copy the information for my doctor.


lizeth jimenez 23 Nov 2010

yes Im a female of 35 years old and about 6 months i bacame deaf i was under lasix, and metolozone with a high dose of lasix and i start feeling my ears plug and so much noise inside my head around may the ears plug got worst until i lost complete the right ear on the left I only hear 50% and i dont know what to do really? free discount card

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