OK I have been taking pills for about 5-6 years! Its a mixture of oxycodone, vicodin, roxy, morphine, etc. I take Tramadol 50mg every day & all day. I take the Tramadol daily to numb the pain in my back & my life... also it gives me energy & makes me in a good mood kind of like the narcotics but here recently Ive been taking heavy narcotics. I actually bought this Subutex via my pill dealer... I was unsure what iut was but he told me it was a good pill but I researched it after I bought & took it as if the Dr had prescirbed it for my addiction. It helped with the withdrawls from the tramadol... actually felt normal for once... I miss being me, I hate searching for pills every day, I have to call out of work when I dont have anything to take & Ive literally been warned that If im out again that I will be fired! IDK what to do... Ive risked our rent, lights & car payments for this crap! I need help & dont know how to ask a Dr or what type of Dr to ask... CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ADVISE?