I was diagnosed with RA in Feb 2010-started on prednisone 10mg ended up going to 40mg with little relief-started on paquinel and methotrexate im-still little to no relief. My main area of pain and swelling is my fingers,hands,wrists. I was started on remicade 400mg after 4 doses not much relief so upped the dose to 600mg have had two doses of this 4 weeks apart and I still have quite a bit of pain and swelling-I have pain in my ankles and feet now as well as hands. I was wondering is this typical--to have such trouble getting RA under control? I also have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease(have had 1 fusion c4-5 and really need another at c5-6,along with 4 other bad discs in my lower spine) I also have carpal tunnel and celiac disease,and some areas of osteo arthritis. I do realize I am not a simple patient but I am getting really discouraged with such minimal results on all these meds. I'd really appreciate any info. Thanks-kim