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I would like to know what ultram is used for?

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jk13 8 Sep 2010

It is used as a pain reliever. It's one of the few medications that actually help with nerve pain helping conditions such as pain related to Diabetics as well as Fibromyalgia.

When it was first put out on the market, it was said to have no addictive or abuse profile, thus it was not classified as a scheduled drug despite it being an Opioid with a strength equal to that of Codeine. A few months ago, Utram revised its statement saying that there's a chance for abuse and addiction, which really is an understatement.

If Ultram is used for an extended period of time at a high dosage, it has been reported by some heroin addicts to be a drug harder to detox from than heroin. This is due to the fact that Ultram is structurally a SNRI that hits on the opioid sensors. The SNRI properties are also unlike any traditional SNRI in that it works immediately. The faster acting the drug is, the harder it is to get off of. An example of this is Xanax vs. Valium. Xanax is much harder to detox from vs. Valium, and as a result, it is common for a person to be switched medications so that the detox is easier.

So, as an overall, Ultram is a two in one drug. Detoxing would include severe SNRI withdrawals in addition to classic Opioid withdrawals. It's harder to become addicted to this medication vs. other opioids, but once you are, it's not easy to stop. In the next couple weeks, I plan on discontinuing this medication as it isn't nearly as effective as my other pain meds (I also take methadone as it is also one of the few that help nerve pain, has a low tolerance building profile, and is considered to be one of the best long term chronic pain meds, as long as it's taken exactly as is directed. It has been a god send for my fibromyalgia as I get sick on Lyrica, the ideal med. for that condition), so it'll be interesting. I'm just trying to simplify my medication profile, as I take roughly 8 different meds every day.

Hope that this helps!
Jeff K

Inactive 8 Sep 2010

Great answer Jeff!!!

jk13 8 Sep 2010

thanks - really, it's unfortunate that I know so much about this med, cause the more I know, the more worried I am about stopping it - however excited at the same time.. Just going down from 225mg to 75mg on the lyrica caused depression, pain, and severe anxiety. I switched the 100mg of Pristiq to 90mg of Cymbalta, comparatively a more potent dosage of a similar med - and wow - no pain, no depression, no anxiety, and on top of that, no ptsd flashbacks!! Also, since starting the Cymbalta, I haven't nodded off once so far! Granted, I'm on a high dosage of Nuvigil, but regardless, before, I couldn't stay awake past 8pm with that med. Simplifying the medication profile has been more effective and quick than what I would have imagined, and I can't wait to move onto stopping the Ultram, and adjusting only the Methadone, the only med that really works for my pain... I'm excited and scared at the same time!

skater1215 17 Sep 2010

The simple answer is for pain. Some doctors use it when pateint has a history of drug abuse but needs pain medication or for someone who has pain that NSAIDs wont help that much for but still needs to have a clear head for work or to drive ect. Most times its for migranes or daytime pains.

Ultram is a synthetic opioid. This just means that it isn't as super strong as a semi-synthetic opioid. My personal opinion is that its works well for medium pain and makes the day easier to get through.

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