I take levoxyl .125mcg everyday. I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I am sensitive to everything. I can not take hardly any antibiotics or anything. Is this normal? I also ate a teaspoon of turnip greens and my tongue ears and head feels numb. This is how I feel if I take any supplements containing iodine. When I did my body scan and they had me drink iodine I stayed sick for weeks. It made me feel this way and itchy too. I also had hyper symptoms. I was wondering if turnip greens contain iodine or am allergic to the greens? My thyroid has been out since 2006. I used to take synthroid but it caused severe constipation and blood in stool. Levoxyl is better on my bowels but I have a lot of other crazy symptoms from time to time. I can't seem to get regulated. Is this normal or is there some kind of filler or preservative in the pill that I am having a reaction too or can't absorb? I also have a lot of edema that want go away and I look so fat and swollen.