... for Bipolar Mania/Psychosis. However, I have Narcolepsy also and have to take Dexedrine. The Zyprexa blocks most all of the effects of the Dexedrine and has caused me to have to take High Doses. My doses are approved by my Psych. I have tried many,many different Anti-Psychotics and they all block the Dexedrine. Now my only option is to try an anti-convulsant like Depakote. I have been on Tegretol before and it worked, but it made me so sedated I could not even work. I am working now and have a strong concern about Depakote being sedative to the point I won't be able to work. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any advise? One last thing. Tegretol made me super-sensitive to any stimulant. A cup of coffee would send me manic. Now I will be taking a med in the same class and wonder if anyone has gotten sensitive to stimulants being on Depakote? Thanks ahead of time! :)