I happen to have Guillian Barr'e the only meds that work are anti inflamatories, which did my stomach in many years ago de to the fact am one of the cases that don't get better. Any how,, the only other meds are narcotics I was on oxycontin it worked great, not to go into a long story as to why I do not take them now is a bit to long to explain. so my rear has all exposed nerves without the lining and it hurts like heck to sit. can anyone tell me what a good medication is that will take care of the pain. I am not allowed spinals or epidurals due to my condition. As of now the nerve roots are so inflamed and I cannot seem to get the pain level down to where I can control it as I normally due since I am on ms contin and percocet for breakthrough, The percocet does not seem to even touch the pain anymore any ideas?
hoping all a pain free day