My pharmacist erroneously put someone else's perscription in my file on the same day that my perscription was filled. Metformin is for diabetes and I don't have that disease. The instructions for taking this medicine are exactly the same as the medicine my doctor perscribed for me which is budeprion SR. The instructions were to take 1 tablet by mouth twice a day. That is exactly what I've been doing for approximately 5 months. After being notified by the pharmacist, my doctor's office contacted me to inform of the mixup. I have an emergency visit scheduled by my doctor tomorrow morning. My questions is, since I'm not diabetic how can this medicine adversely affect me. Also, could this medicine or the interaction of the two meds cause hair loss. I noticed for the past 3 month that I've experienced dramatic thinning and hair loss. I reported this to my doctor a few weeks ago. He didn't think it was caused by the medicine, but of course he wasn't aware that I was taking the Metformin.
Let me know your thoughts.