Last week I started taking 20 mg of Prednisone twice a day for an allergic reaction to sunscreen. my last dose willl be tomorrow. I went to the med center to be checked for strep throat and not the allergic reaction. In fact the topic of the Prednisone was not brought up by me, as I am almost better. They tested me for Strep (it was negative) and then the nurse came in and had me take 60 mg. of Prednisone. I asked her if she was sure it was for me because the doctor had not mentioned that she wanted me to take it. The nurse said well why are you here I told her it was for strep throat and she said well the doctor probably prescribed it so my throat won't be itchy. I think she made a mistake because she said she had Prednisone in her pocket for another patient too. I wish I would have insisted on talking to the doctor because now my heart is racing and I'm shaking and I feel like everything is happening a mile a minute. The highest recomende dose a day is 60 mg. My total today was 100. I know it's not that much over but I don't know what to do. Any advice. I'm miserable over here. -Thank you.