clean for the past 3 years in the middle of April I came across some pills n for some stupid reason took them. Ever since it's been off two the races. I did vics & percs until the end of May then made the jump to the blue 30 mg Roxys. Now I'm up to 15-20 roxys a day blowing them. I went to the doctor got suboxone but I don't no how long I should wait to take them bc every1 says something different. The doctor told me to just wait a few hours which I new was total bs. The other day I took 8 roxys at 2pm n woke up around 9am and was going to take the suboxone but felt like I wasn't sick enough. I am trying to do this without my family noticing I relapsed bc I no how crushed they would be. What symptoms should I have before I take the subs and will the subs kill all the withdrawals or will I still feel sick? Any advice would be more then greatly appreciated. One last thing how bad could the withdrawals be if I have only been getting high again for 4 months after being totally clean for two years? And should I start with 2mg of sub or 4mg of subs and increase as needed.