... last doctor I saw was a Chiropractor, who really listend and heard what I was saying to him. He took his time and examined me thouroughly,by performing a physical test called a tender point test on my body. My doctor said ,that he even tried to trick me ,but that he couldn't and began to explain to me ,that I have this condition called Fibromyalgia. This was the first time I had heard of it. He also said that,this was the only test to diagnosis. No blood work, but the tender point test. There are at least 18 tender points and if you have 11 of the 18 tender points, then you could possibly have Fibromyalgia. After that,I went to Barnes and Noble to get books on the subject and found out that in the 70's I also had it as a child and I just cried,because I remember going from doctor to doctor with hip, leg, and feet pain all the time. The doctors at the time didn't know about Fibromyalgia and just told my mother not to worry and that it was probably Growing Pains or Psychological and as a result, my mother ignored me and wouldn't beleive me after that. Oh did I tell you, I was born with a dislocated hip,which I suspect that I also had some Trauma to my centrel nervous system! As I got older and became more active the Childhood Fibromyalgia went into remission. In 1998, I was bitten by a Lymes Tick and that's when my immune system went down and slowly the Fibromyalgia came back and with a vengance ! It's frustrating, when doctors don't understand or are not educated in Fibromyalgia. The Patient is the one suffering and the commercials on TV , just don't do much Justice to the real and complicated condition of Fibromyalgia. All I can say, is just don't give up ! Pray and find the right doctor ,who will listen and hear what you are trying to tell him or her. And always do rescearch and ask questions from your doctor; never do anything without consulting your medical doctor,whom you trust. I also followed up with my Rhuematologist after my diagnosis with my new Chiropractor. I'm not cured and I have my set backs, but I keep plugging along at a slower pace and I've been accepting my situation and know that I'm not alone