I have been dealing with a family situation that has been going on for a year and went on 10mg in Jan 2011. In Aug, I felt bad again and my doc put me on 20mg. Well, I did not want to be a zombie, so I went off it very slowly... weaning down to 0 by december. Oh- my doc is not very helpful... she could care less that I am depressed... not sure if she even knows my name! So, I went to a psych and he said I am not depressed, but I have ADHD and gave me Vyvance, which has helped immensely with my thoughts and at work. Now, the family problem has escalated and I am a mess... I am deeply depressed and have bad anxiety. I have a months worth of my Lex prescription. Any advice as to whether I should go back on it? I have an appoint with my psych in 3 weeks and I cannot wait.