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I was wondering when a doctor takes a urine test can he tell if you have took one lortab or ten?

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Inactive 30 Jul 2010

Yes these are called levels if your levels per medication are high he knows you have been takeing more than 1 thats for sure. Unlike regular drug tests when given to a doctor they can do all kinds of tests to your urine.

lindagail1965 31 Jul 2010

thank you very much can you answer this ... if im sopposed to take 5 lortab 10 a day an i took around 8 the day before i go will they know?

Inactive 31 Jul 2010

Your levels will be high yes but it doesnt go by per pill they just know you have been taking more of them.

itsmetoo2 31 Jul 2010

Good answer.

itsmetoo2 31 Jul 2010

Please be careful as these drugs may help the pain today. But tommrow you will need more to do the same job. Then more and more. You are then hooked and your doctor dumps you in the gutter and he/she moves on and you are left to fend for yourself. Try methadone or Suboxone and they can cut the pain.
Read about how other people on this site who gets hooked on drugs from their doctors. Do not join the group of thousands.

lindagail1965 31 Jul 2010

thanks for answering my question (itsmetoo2)

itsmetoo2 31 Jul 2010

I know I did not answer your question directly. But the person above answered it in a manner for which I would had answered. But After reading your question, I just needed to speak from my heart. I see you are reaching for some help. You are in pain, and I know you are going to come across doctors who are in for the money and not for your good. I thought I would catch you while you are here.

Take Care and may you live life to the fullest.

lindagail1965 31 Jul 2010

thank you for your concern ... yes ive had lots of troubles ... starting in my mid 20s..panic attacks so bad i couldnt leave the house ... an now back problems just trying to live a normal life i am so glad i found this site an glad you are on here an my friend... take care

oxyaaron 28 Sep 2010

suboxone is not ment for chronic pain

itsmetoo2 29 Sep 2010

Suboxone: (buprenorphine and naloxone)
Subutex: (buprenorphine)
This is what is in these pills.

If a person is treated for chronic pain and wants to get off the narcotics they are on and still get their pain relief, they use Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) . Now if they have chronic pain and are not on heavy narcotics they take Subutex (buprenorphine) for pain.

Remember that (buprenorphine) is used for pain. So Suboxone can be used for pain. free discount card

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