I was wondering if you all could help me in being prepared for my Neurology appointment coming. Typically, my Neuro isn't inclined to order expensive tests, believing most of my remaining symptoms to be largely psychogenic. Despite my highly specialized Neurosurgeon's input (not in home state) he tends to do more or less- nothing. Gratefully, I have a lot less to deal with these days~ but still...

Anyway, Symptoms: increased lack of feeling throughout body; more pronounced feeling of socks on top of dead meat on feet and calves when I sit (certain ways)
Loss of movement in left toes,(fairly severe) marked decreased movement in left side overall, with less sensations- to the point of burning self on occasion.

Legs buckling and have to concentrate hard to make my legs work to walk after sitting too long or on slanted or hard surfaces or using my low back in certain ways.

Other oddities, not so frequent: burning patches & goosebumps in patches or on just the left side of the body, numb and buzzing tongue, again on the left side- this occurring while exercising. Sudden loss of feeling and complete loss of control while dancing (again, left leg)

Since I've had numerous complex medical and psychological problems I usually tell a doctor too much, overwhelm him and don't get anywhere. Should I just mention one thing?? The worst? or the most troubling? The only thing I have done so far is to get a couple of chiropractors I see to agree to write the Neuro. a note indicating that an updated MRI is a good idea.