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I was wondering if suboxone shows up in a drug test?

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Anonymous 28 Sep 2010


It probably will as Buprenorphine (suboxone) is a semi-synthetic opioid.-

Take care.-

Anonymous 28 Sep 2010

It will only show as bupenorphine, and is not a drug they usually check for, not usually abused, so almost no one check for

Anonymous 28 Sep 2010

Hi my friend,

You see although it is not abused as you say, it is still a semi synthetic opioid, now as you probably know I had a drug problem for 20 years, I was in rehab for 12 months, once I got out I got tested and at that point they tested me many times 5 screen 10 screen panel , hair follicle, urine, saliva, blood, my point is I was on benzos, prescribed, and they always came up on the 5 pannel one, and all the others, and I realized they always look for opiates, from my experience and I am sharing a segment of my life with you not comparing, we all have our history, our past and our experiences, so I am speaking from my experience.-

Take care:-)

booter46 29 Sep 2010

pattishan and maso --- great advice but it is something most drug test do not check for. I recently took a one and it did not show up.

Anonymous 29 Sep 2010

yeah a drug clinic will check 4 it, pain management docs, maybe maybe life insurance blood screen, maybe even hostital employement but most companies, court and probtion offices don't free discount card

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