tly since I'v e begun taking prescription Luvox 150mg at bedtime for my fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions (none of which have cures). I try to keep something in my stomach and sometimes it helps but the nausea comes back relentlessly. I've told my dr. about this side-effect and he said to hang in there as alot of times the initial side-effects will go away after you get used to the medicine. I believe this as I've been and currently take several different meds for my health conditions and depression for many, many years now. I begun the Luvox at a smaller dosage in Dec. '09 and had the exact same nausea problem and it did eventually after over 1 and 1/2 months get better but since then my dosage has needed increasing as my dr. says i'm not even in the therapuetic level yet to help me, so the nausea is going to be a constant it seems for a while at least till I can tell if its helping the depression or not. I'm also very interesed if anyone has had any sucess or info on taking Topomax/& or Provigil for depression related symptoms?