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I was treated for a blood clot in my calf before. Can I take vicodin?

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Inactive 9 May 2010

Just about anyone can take vicodin and if your doctor thinks you need it then I don't really see a problem with it. Do you have any other health problems preventing you from taking vicodin? cause if so then no I don't think it would be a good idea to take them.

swetlady57 10 May 2010

Thank you, mrspage82 for your response to my question. "Swetlady57"

Inactive 11 May 2010

Your welcome hope you had a Happy Mother's Day take care.

marjorie zych 9 May 2010

I have had many blood clots in my legs and my lungs and I am on blood thinners to hopefully prevent anymore and my doctor gave me Vicodin for the pain from the clots so yes you can take it if your doctor gives it to you, it shouldn't interfere with anything but be careful not to use to many they can be addicting. Hope this little tidbit helps ease your mind.

swetlady57 10 May 2010

Thank you Marjorie for your response to my question. The vicodin is for a injury sustained in an car accident. I just wasn't sure if I should be taking it because my doctor has always prescribed Motrin 800mg for pain in the past, which works fine. Thanks again. "Swetlady57" free discount card

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