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I was told that methadone helps with adderall or ritalin if you have narcolepsy any truth to that?

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14 May 2010

I really have no answer to that question. I could probably ask the other nurses I work with. All I know is that I'm on 65mg of methadone and I had to cut my hours way back because I sleep all the time!! I'm just now starting to force myself to stay awake for more hours and another job. So I doubt there is any truth to your question. Even with my jobs I still sleep every chance I get. Before I was sleeping 14 to 16 hours a day but then noticed If I get up and keep going I wouldn't feel the need to sleep. Weird considering I would shoot up like crazy and have all kinds of energy. Hope you find your answer

mpvt 14 May 2010

Have you tried lowering your dose because that is a obvious sign of intoxication. Methadone as you know is extremely powerful and acts for a long time. Have you thought about buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex)? You wouldn't likely have the sedation with it like you're experiencing now. That's not fair to you to be sleeping all the time. You should be functioning normally and sleeping like anyone else... Good luck... Dave

P.S. I don't believe that the original posters question is valid either. Adderall and methadone together is not recommended... Dave

chance4reallife 14 May 2010

I'm in the process now of tappering my dose and going to make the switch. I can't wait till I'm out of this hell. Methadone is worse than active addiction sometimes.

26 Jan 2012

There is no truth to that at all that I know of and I took 140mg of methadone not too long ago along with ritalin and then adderall. I took the stimulants to keep me awake from the methadone, it made me more tired than any other med I have ever taken aside from sleeping meds. I had to continue taking stimulants just to function even as I went down on my methadone dose. So far I have decreased my methadone dose by 45mg and I havent seen any decrease in how sleepy I constantly feel. I will let you know if that ever changes but I do not believe it will until I am completely off of the methadone.

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