... load free,which means that i no longer have Hep C. My problem is that the lexapro has made me lose interest, and the ability to have sex. I have an absolutely incredible girlfriend that i love to be intimate with,all the time if we could. I have been taking the lexapro for 6 months and stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago.Nothing has changed,I still have little to no interest.I always make sure that she is taken care of but i am totally freaking out that i am not getting back to my old self. Has anyone experienced this with the lexapro? If so how long does it take to get back to a healthy appetite for love making. This is very depressing and emasculating,I'm in desperate need of some kind of help or good advice. I have tried the Viagra but it's just not the same if your heads not in the game. Ironically it's the anti-depressant that is making me depressed. Please give me some insight to this problem,

Thanks Jeff D