Accordingly and ran out earlly. I went to his office and asked his nurse why? She said"oh you only get 3 a day" I explained to her that I had been getting 4 a day. She went down the hall and began discussing my case with 3 other employees. They were so loud people in the lobby heard. I called my pharmacy and asked him to fax my record of my records asap and he did. I showed the nurse and she came back with a small piece of paper saying I was taking 3 a day. But my records said 4. So I asked her what to do? She said go ahead and fill your script from your reg. Back dr. And when it runs out call and we will call you in a refill for the correct amt. I asked her several times if it was ok because you are not suppose to fill any other med. With another dr. She said over and over, "oh its our fault and you won;t be dropped by our office. Well not long after I recieved a letter in the mail and they did drop me. I have been without a pain mngt, dr. Since and don't know what to do? Thanks for your time.