... my highest dosage at 3 mgs per day. I thought I had "kicked" it before I was discharged, only to come home and feel completley overwhelmed, extremely sensitive to sound, anxious, agitagted and wanting to be left alone. Having 2 teenage boys, this is next to impossible. I have new symptoms now; insomnia and chronic itiching. How long does this process last? I have read it can take as long as 3 months? I was also self medicating to compensate for when the Xanax dropped off with Wine. I will say this; my withdrawl has been fairly "easy" thus far all things considered. I was in a hospital setting for 5 days with medical and emotional support. However, now that I am home, I feel like a newborn having just entered the world trying to adjust to all this stimuli that seems to coming at me at a rapid pace. Things that never bothered me before (like the noise of my teenage boys) are putting me on the edge. Will life be "normal" again? I am aware that I am more aware of my feelings... more in touch with myself. I can almost say this has been a kind of awakening. But the physical symtoms are somewhat overwhelming. Anyone that has walked this rode before me, if you would be so kind as to share your exp with me so that I might walk this rode in your wake... I will gladly pay it forward when I complete my recovery.