They had me taking 1 Lorcet 10/650mg (4X/day), 1 soma 350mg (3X/day), & 1 nuerontin 300mg (3X/day). I had been on these meds for WELL OVER 5+yrs for fibromyalgia. Today my doc completely changed every med I take, due to my Liver Enzyme Functon Test came out extremely high for tylenol, now to: 1 Zanaflex 4mg (3X/day): generic form I take is Tizanidinen 4mg at the same dosage,which is the replacement for the soma; 1 Roxicodone 15mg (4X/day): generic form I take is Oxcycodone15mg at the same dosage, which is the replacement for the roxicodone; and finally 1 Clonazepam 1mg (1X/day at night time) for restless legs syndrome, which this is in it's generic form. Now the only drug they completely eliminated was the nuerontin. I would like to know if there's anyone out there who has or is taking any of these meds or combination of the meds before or currently & you know, I would like some feedback on any reactions/side effects to taking any/all/some or a combination of any of these drugs, any type of addiction issues w/ any or all of the meds because I have never taken any of these meds previously. If there's anyone who could share some insight or advice for me, it would be gretly apprieciated. I'm a single mother of four & I want to somewhat get an idea of what could possibly be ahead for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this & hopefully respond to this.