Neurologist tried me on Cymbalta. Always ignored those thoughts of suicide side effects on TV, esp since most seemed directed at "young adults," etc. Besides good for muscular-skelatal pain, it's an anti depressant. My mental health nurse removed Celexa thinking the Cymbalta could do double duty. Well, I'm not young (53), and I've been having those thoughts. Ignored it as it's just been a somewhat normal thing for me anyway for over 25 years. However, now... I'm thinking, it's more. I am depressed, cry easily, I'm angry, and have those persistant thoughts. Since my deductible has been met for 2011, I refilled the Celexa at no cost, and took myself off the Cymbalta. I know I need to contact both professionals, but just had surgery this week and time didn't present itself, and in my state, I didn't care anyway. I "know" the next step, but wonder if others self prescribed what they've known already works. I will get in touch with the right people. Jan 4 is the "mental" visit. She prescribes only, no therapy. She suggested one, but my first two visits have been filling out my intake forms. Help? Not me. Only pads her wallet. I may suggest seeing someone else, but it's a game, and I'm not up for it. Thanks for letting me ramble. No character limit I guess, lol. Have a great 2012. Hope we all do. ~Martha~