... regularly, acquired illegally. I withdrew twice and successfully stopped taking them regularly, but would take a couple to 10 pills irregularly, I guess, for fun or an escape. I had my second child and started the same cycle again, only on a lesser scale. I suppose understanding that I was on a bad path once again. I tapered and had withdrawal symptoms. Staying away from them was easier, knowing how terrible they made me feel, also looking back on how many I'd taken, how many special moments took place where I was cloudy and essentially high. But still, knowing that one or two pills will take away a terrible headache etc.. I find myself taking 4-8 pills(norco by the way) over 4 days or so, and I still have withdrawal? I'm sure this is my body telling me to WAKE UP... I try tapering and still always have w/d symptoms. Even after as little as a pill a day for a few days?? Why? I am in this cycle again and would like to avoid the w/d in order to stop taking these things for good. Does this make sense? Help!