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I was prescribed skelaxin today, how long does it take to feel some results?

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Inactive 12 Apr 2011

Sorry no one has answered your question. There seems to be a problem with the email notifications. Skelaxin, I believe is muscle relaxant. It shouln't take that long if it is going to help your problem. You didn't say what kind of problem you are having. More info may help...

caringsonbj 14 Apr 2011

this says to avoid high fat content meals, and it says it may be given with or without regard to meals (in other words if it upsets your stomach in any way you can eat something) Billy
Mary I just got some more email they must be having trouble like they were to some extent

Inactive 14 Apr 2011

Billy, I know! I had 192 yesterday. Had to just delete most of them trying to do this one handed. Wow! I sent & email & told them they had a problem & they kindly responded yesterday that they did indeed have a problem, but it should now be fixed. Mary

bipolar4life 14 Apr 2011

Hi just an FYI i dont know much about skelaxin but i have taken it before and it didnt work out for me i pray it helps u hon. And also have u ever heard of lyrica my friend has fibro and she swears by it.
LOL always janymak

Inactive 14 Apr 2011

bipolar4life, Lyrica is a great script. I use it for my fibromyalgia. It really helps with fibro pain. It is a seizure med, but is used for pain like others. Neurotin is another one.

bipolar4life 17 Apr 2011

cool ((((((((((((((((mary))))))))))))))))))) lol to ya sister janymak

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

bipolar4life, good luck to you, let us know how you are doing. free discount card

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