my pain doctor gave me a script for Oxycontin 40mg Cr 7 days ago and i have been having bad reactions to it, im sleeping constantky, im unable to work like normal because of fatigue and unable to stay awake i have to fight it to stay awake at work, my vision is blurred and my eyes are so tired and want to shut and i cant stop it, i cant function real good and i dont like that feeling, i have tried everything. i have,nausea, and sick feeling all over in my joints and muscles. i was just wondering if i called my doctors office and told them the side effects im having if they would change me to some other kind of medication if i bring my my medication to them? i been taking roxycodone 15mg ir for instant relief for 8 months and he added the oxycontin 40mg for longer acting pain relief to go with that. i need some advice please!!! please respond if you have some suggestions.