I was on the fentanyl patch for a little over a year before I had neck surgery. My c4 and c5 was bone on bone, the disk slipped down and was pinched between my cervical cord and my c4 &5. I had to wait for my insurance to cover the surgery, so I was on pain control for almost 2 yrs. After surgery I started wein off and drop down every to weeks from 200 to 175 to 150 to 125 to 100 to 75, 50, 25 then finallly 12. 12 is the lowest you can go, I stayed on 12 for a couple of months while in physical therepy. I have now been patch free for 15 days. For my withdrawl I take 2 Hydrocodone 10/325 every 4 to 4 hours. In addition I take clondine .1 mg, I also take something to help me sleep but does not work. Also cyclobensaprine 10mg and lorazepam 1mg when needed.
The problem is it has been 15 days and I am still feeling like it is the 3rd day. fever, body ache, sneezing, chills, hot flashes ect. The body ache is the worst. Please help! How long will it take? What helps???

ps My neck is pain free hey!