Hi everyone, Ive been taking Hydrocodone for about 10 yrs, but mostly heavier use over the past few years. I was taking in between 14-18 of the 10mg Norco's (hydrocodone) which is about 140-180 mg a day-(45mg 3-4 times a day). 3 days ago i saw a Suboxone doctor because the financial and emotional strain the abuse was causing me and my family. I was prescribed 8mg of subx twice a day (16mg daily). My doctor isnt very helpful, nor can i get straight answers out of him and unfortunately i cannot afford insurance so this doc is the only one i can afford, being the cheapest i could find. Taking 16mg a day physically feels like too much to me, and i dont wanna take any more than i have to because of the difficulty im reading about to get off of them in the future. If theres anyone knowledgable about Subx, and what the recommended dose would be for my peticular case, being that i was taking on average 140mg of hydro a day for several yrs-i would love to get some feedback. When i stop taking the dro's my withdrawl symptoms start about 7hrs after last dose,and seems to get stay pretty mild for about 20 hrs and ive never really gone too much further than that without taking more to ease it, so i dont know how much worse it gets for me. Basically i would like to take as little as possible of the Subx to stay off the dros, but my doc says i need 16mg a day which i dont believe is the case. To me, he seems to not put much effort into my peticular needs, and i feel like hes just throwing out a generic plan 4 me. After reading that subx has a ceiling effect at 12mg im wondering why i need 16mg. If anyone with the experience or knowledge could help guide me i would really appreciate it. Thanks, Brian