i am a deprssed person they say i guess there right i hav been taking cymbalta for 1 year now and i also take suboxone i choos to get on suboxone because i became addickted to pain killers after my surg, and i needed somthing to get me off however my pain is still ther just not as bad, and get back to cymbalta i became so stopped up without a bowl movement for almost 3 wks i was gaing 2 to 2 an a half lbs every two weeks the nurse finnally said somthing to me i said i cant get off cymbalta its to hard my stomach blew up to the size of a 8 or 9 month pregnet lady i was scarde and madd i went to see a gas dr, she told me ohh well u gain weight when u get older and tryed to say cymbalta was not addickting she set up to look up my anel some kind of surg , i didnt go cuz she wasnt listinning to me thats the dam problem plp try to tell dr. whats wrong and put them on shit and say ohh its not addickting well i say have you tryed it doc??? uuhh no well then !!! need i say more but plz dnt use CYMBALTA thats for sur its so hard to get off and the side effects comming off it is crucial i swear how ever it worked for my pain an mental part lol