about a week ago i was at an old friends house and was feeling depressed and down, he took out a pill bottle and said take two there only 1mg per... within 4 hrs i was out cold and slept for 14 hrs, i woke up feeling very dizzy, confused, vision messed up i couldnt even take care of myself, come to find out i flipped out at my house cut my wrist up broke some stuff, my wife called 911 and i was arrested for domestic violence, i remember bits and pieces of what happened that day. I looked up on here on the pill finder and found out it was kolonopin, and i had 80% of the severe side effects on there including swelling of the face and lips, suicidal thoughts, behavior issues, hostility, aggression, dizzy, tired, slurred speech and so on... The same side effects are in paxil and i am scared to death to start taking it if its going to make this happen again, Please any input would be greatly appreciated, i currently am not alowed to go home or see my wife until i go to court.