I owned a home Improvement business for many years . One night I was taking the men home from work and a teenager pulled out in front of us and we had a wreak or accident as the boy's mommy said to the cops. I was took to the ER and the doctor said I have a head-injured and spots of blood on my brain and serious condition with head and neck , brain injuries . I didn't know what that meant at the time." I think I must have been out of my mine" ever today I have a hard time remembering things in my pasted. Is that common ? For people in accident . I have also been having bad headache , Back Pain. My Friends tell am not the same person know more. That hurts you know , My family doctor has me on Pain meds . She will change it ever 30 days from Percocet 10-325 to Lorcet 10/650 to Lortab 10/500. Is that common ? And why