In 2006 after my hysterectomy, I was depressed and my gynecologist wasn't there that day so his collegue took my appointment that day. He looked my chart over while he was in my room and it stated in my chart I am Epileptic... he prescribed Cymbalta. At first 30 mg. then a few months later 60 mg. I noticed major changes in my behavior... because I don't have Grand Mall seizures, I have simple partial seizure disorder it is harder for other people to notice that I am having seizures when they are occurring. By 2007 I had a severe seizure and fell backwards and hit the back of my head on cement and was taken to the emergency room where they did a cat scan and they ended up putting me into the hospital for 5 days for observation. They went through my entire list of medications and when I told them I was on Cymbalta they said with Epilepsy I should have never been put on that medication. As soon as they had weened me off of that medication and put me on the proper medicine, I started to feel normal and stopped having constant seizures for the first time in a year. But the scarey thing is my doctor missed this in my chart, my pharmacist that I had went to for years that supposedly had a computerized program to catch such errors missed this drug interraction. Consumers be AWARE! My whole life was turned upside down for over a year. While I was in the hospital I was on FMLA leave from my job of 10 yrs. and while I was in the hospital they fired me. I then couldn't make my mortgage payment and lost my house of 17 years. So it wasn't just a matter of a little mistake. It was a chain reaction of events that changed my whole life, you have to take control of your health and your life even in your doctor's office. Take my story as an example and use it as a learning tool for how your going to take control of your own life and health from now on.