I was given an injection of a drug (to supposedly raise my red blood cell count) that causes muscle tissue proliferation (that's medical speak for muscle pain) as a permanent side effect. They then promptly lost all evidence of my visit. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE DONE TO YOURSELF OR ANYONE YOU LOVE. . . . . .
Now I need to know if anyone of you may know of any drug with this particular side effect among others so that I may narrow the list down, or even start one.
My primary refuses to treat me for these debilitating side effects till I discover the name of that drug. I fired him!
I now fear doctors as they may be having a bad day or whatever and harm me again. I believe they sometimes do harm and their assistants are afraid to speak up and protect the public. All they have to do is delete the record of your visit, they are in control of that - and they CAN do it.
I have the Medical Board of California on the case, but as you know the wheels of justice turn slowly.