so i have tried more than 10 different antidepressents along with klonipin for the past ten years. About a year and a half ago my doctor diagnosed me with ADD and put me on adderrall. This drug changed my life. He started me out with 10 or 20 mg a day, don't remember, then i eventually got up to 20 mg 3 times a day. I got married 6 mos ago, so i stoppedseeing my doctor and taking all meds cause i wanted to get pregnant. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last, so i just met with a new psychiatrist. He put me on wellbutrin and lowered my adderall dosage to 15 mg 2 times a day, also he lowered my klonipin dosage from 3 1mg tablets a day to 3 .5mg daily. His reasoning behind it was that supposedly the wellbutrin helps multiple problems, such as depression, panic disorder, and even ADD. His main focus first was to get my anxiety and depression under control because of all the marital problems I am having. He wants to see me again in 10 days. Does anyone have any experience with wellbutrin and how it worked for them? I have a very busy life..I own a pizza restaurant so I work 12-14 hour days and I don't feel I can perform to the best of my ability without the adderrall, so hopefully when I go back to see him he will understand that the adderrall actually helps my anxiety because i get everything i need to get done for that day and i feel accomplished and good about myself... i can go on and on about this..if anyone has any advice, i'm more than willing to hear it!