... endocrinologist started me off on 125mcg of levothyroxine. All of my symptoms went away and I felt great! I felt as if nothing was wrong with me. However, when I went back to the doctor my levels were too low, so now I am taking 112 mcg. I feel horrible! I have had a nagging, burning pressure sensation in my lower right pelvis for over a month now. I went to my general practitioner who thought I had an ovarian cyst. I had a CT scan done of my abdomen and pelvis, but nothing was wrong. The pain is still very persistent and irritating. Now along with that pain, my inner hips are killing me, almost in the groin area. The only way I can describe it is imagine having on a pair of underwear 10 sizes too small and the seam just digging into your groin. It burns like no other. I feel like my right hip is so swollen and nothing is helping to alleviate the pain. Also, my right thigh feels like it is on fire all the way down to my knee. I am barely 20 years old. Call me crazy, but I think I am way too young for this.

Could Hashimoto's be the cause of this? I need help. My doctors are not helpful at all. No advice whatsoever