... killed me by making me stop a anti-depressant (elavil) I was on for like 10 yrs to control migraines. He stopped me "cold Turkey". So I started having bad anxiety when he did that and got put on xanax. I got a new oncologist this past April but he kept me on the xanax but I have gotten down to 1mg in the morning and I try to fight the afternoon shakes and then 1mg at bedtime. But I think my body is getting used to that dose cause it doesn't seem to help me during the day anymore. I take a chemo pill Gleevec which can cause body tremors and it's like my insides are shaking and my whole body gets tight on me. The new oncologist tells me to take them if I need to and not to suffer with the shakes. I am in remission since I got new dr and would like to get off the xanax during the day but I am afraid my body is already addicted to them. Is 2-3 mgs a day alot of xanax? He putme back on the elavil too but had to start at lower dose and I now take 60mgs of elavil and 1mg of xanax at bedtime to sleep plus the elavil helped me gain the 32 lbs back I lost from previous dr and the migraines were coming back too. I was on 150mgs of elavil when he stopped me and now I can't get past 60mgs, if i try I get sick to my stomach. Isn't that weird? Thats why I take 1 xnax also to help me sleep. My leukemia is not detected on any blood work since the beginning of July but why cant I get rid of the anxiety? I really trust my new dr and like I said I am in remission but can't stop the shaking and my body getting all tense on me? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank You!!!